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from the Society for Humanistic Judaism

Celebration — A Ceremonial and Philosophic Guide for Humanists and Humanistic Jews, by Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine, (Prometheus Books, 1988). Celebration offers original celebrations of Jewish identity and culture, holidays, and personal life cycles that touch both the mind and heart, reason and emotion, Judaism and Humanism. $34.00

Guide to Humanistic Judaism, (Society for Humanistic Judaism, 1993). The Guide features encyclopedia-like entries on the philosophy and practice of Humanistic Judaism, including information about holiday and life cycle celebrations. $18.00

Judaism Beyond God, by Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine, (Society for Humanistic Judaism 1995). This book discusses humanistic celebrations as well as the many aspects of living a Humanistic Jewish life. $25.00

A Passover Manual, Humanistic Judaism, (Winter 1984, Volume XII, Number IV). This manual presents the story of Passover, relating it to the many journeys to freedom taken by the Jewish  people throughout their history, and offers suggestions for creating your own meaningful humanistic seder. $10.00

The Passover Holiday Kit, Your guide to creating a Humanistic Passover celebration. Contains the story of the Exodus, children's activities and stories, recipes, songs, and a step-by-step guide to writing your own Humansitic Haggadah. $21.00

The Humanist Haggadah, by Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine, ( Society for Humanistic Judaism). A guide for humanistic Jews who want to celebrate Passover with integrity. Rabbi Wine explains the symbols and tells the real story of Passover. The Passover seder at which this haggadah is read provides a setting of family love and unity in which all Jews can rededicate themselves to the ideal of human freedom. $8.00

Haggadah for Passover . Created by Rabbi Daniel Friedman, this spiral-bound haggadah includes an instruction sheet for the leader that makes it possible for anyone to conduct a meaningful and enjoyable home seder. The cassette tape recording that accompanies the haggadah includes all of the music and adds greatly to the celebration. HAGGADAH. $3.00

Children's Haggadah for Passover, by Rabbi Daniel Friedman. Created for a congregational Sunday school, this spiral-bound haggadah is appropriate for pre-bar or bat mitsva age children. Accompanied by an instruction sheet for enhancing the seder, this haggadah involves children in a seder they will understand and enjoy. Suitable for home or classroom, the seder is complete despite its brevity. $3.00

The Liberated Haggadah, by Rabbi Peter Schweitzer. Here you will find the old story of the Exodus recast as a humanist parable, a modern secular perspective on the ancient tale of deliverance, based on historical, rather than mythical, events and practices. It is a celebration of our forebears, ancient and modern, who made the trip to freedom. And it encourages people to pick and choose the parts of the seder that are most meaningful to them. $13.00

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