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  Society for Humanistic Judaism Book Store

Books Available Through the Internet:
All of these great books are available via our on-line form on the Internet. Each book is recommended reading by the Society for Humanistic Judaism.

To order these books/gifts listed on this page please note the Topic header, name of book and price:
ie., Understanding Humanistic Judaism; What is Humanistic Judaism?; $25.00

Institute Colloquia Proceedings:

The International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism sponsors biennial colloquia, which bring together scholars, authors, and Jewish leaders to explore Jewish issues in the modern world. The proceedings of each colloquium is available in published form.

Jews and the Muslim World: Solving the Puzzle
Proceedings of Colloquium '07: Explore this crucial dilemma in historical and contemporary perspective. Essays cover the history of Jews in the Muslim world from their first encounters through Zionism, Muslim Antisemitism, and what can be done today. Contributors include Fawaz Gerges (London School of Economics), Yaakov Malkin (IISHJ), Jacob Lassner (Northwestern), Jane Gerber (CUNY), Yehuda Bauer (Yad Vashem), Derek Penslar (University of Toronto), Amir Hussain (Loyola Marymount) and Rabbi Adam Chalom. $15.00

Secular Spirituality: Passionate Journey to a Rational Judaism
Proceedings of Colloquium '01: Explores the search for the balance between a secular lifestyle and the quest for 'spiritual' fulfillment, and what exactly that concept can mean to modern Jews, from the mystical to the secular and Humanistic. Participants included Ruth Calderon, Director of Alma College in Tel Aviv; Mitchell Silver of Camp Kinderland and Boston University; Joseph Chuman of Columbia University; Rahel Elior of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Norbert Samuelson of the University of Arizona. $20

Beyond Tradition, The Struggle for a New Jewish Identity
Proceedings of Colloquium '99: The question of how to live a full and meaningful Jewish life has challenged Jews for the past two hundred years. Reform, Reconstructionist, Renewal, and Secular Humanistic Judaism, as well as the Yiddishist and Zionist movements, are responses to this question.  Twelve scholars and Jewish leaders explore and explain these responses to the modern Jewish experience. $25.00

Reclaiming Jewish History
Proceedings of Colloquium '97: The Jewish people is a remarkable people with a remarkable history. But over the years history has been mixed with legend, fact has been mixed with fiction. Today modern scholarship is struggling to separate the facts from the fiction and to present to us, for the first time, what really happened- the real history of the Jews. Eleven distinguished scholars explored the way Jewish people, in fact, responded to historical circumstances confronting them. What they really did - what really happened - is a fascinating story. $25.00

The Unaffiliated Jew
Proceedings of Colloquium '95: Jewish scholars, writers, and leaders explore the difficulties in reaching out to the vast segment of the Jewish people that is unaffiliated. $20.00

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