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  Society for Humanistic Judaism Book Store

Books Available Through the Internet:
All of these great books are available via our on-line form on the Internet. Each book is recommended reading by the Society for Humanistic Judaism.

Humanistic Judaism - Order Now!

Humanistic Judaism is a voice for Jews who value their Jewish identity and who seek an alternative to conventional Judaism.

The journal affirms the right of individuals to shape their own lives independent of supernatural authority.

Each issue features an in depth examination of a topic of concern to Secular Humanistic Jews. Also found in each issue are a variety of topical articles as well as regular departments including book reviews, travel articles, and featured events.

Subscription Prices:
$21 Domestic
$31 Canada and Mexico
$43 Overseas
$30 Libraries (Domestic; add $10.00 for Canadian Institutions; $22 for rest of world.)

Where can secular and Humanistic Jews turn for serious inspiration? Religious Jews seek to validate their belief in traditional Jewish texts like Torah and Talmud, texts which, though of historic interest, can hardly serve the purpose. Now, for the first time, an anthology designed to meet that need has been assembled.

Humanistic Judaism  Back Issues
Individual back issues of the journal Humanistic Judaism may be ordered at their cover price. Simply list the issues you would like to order on the order form.

Guide to Humanistic Judaism $25

Jewish Holidays
High Holidays Manual $4
Sukkot (Manual) $10
Hanukka Manual $10
Tu-Bi-Shevat (Manual) $10
Purim (Manual) $10
Passover Manual $10
Shavuot $6

Life Cycle Celebrations
Celebrating Life's Passages $18
Becoming Parents (Manual for Birth and Birth Ceremonies) $10
Bar/Bat Mitsva Manual $18
Marriage Manual $10
Intermarriage $10
Death, Dying & Bereavement (Manual) $10

IISHJ Colloquia
Colloquium '95: The Unaffiliated Jew $6
Colloquium '97: Reclaiming Jewish History $10
Colloquium '99: Beyond Tradition — The Search for a New Jewish Identity $10
Colloquium '01: Secular Spirituality $10
Colloquium ‘03: Jews and Non-Jews – The Love/Hate Relationship $10
Colloquium ‘05: Digging for the Truth – Archaeology and the Bible $10

Colloquium '07: Jews and the Muslim World $10

Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine, In Memoriam $18

The Crisis in Israel: What Can Be Done $10
Israel: Prospects and Portents $10
Israel at 50 $10
Israel: The Struggle for Peace and Security $10
Women in Israelite and Jewish Life $10

Conference Highlights
SHJ Conference '08: I Did It My Way $10
SHJ Conference '06: Thinking Outside the Box $10
SHJ Conference '04: Balancing Creativity and Continuity $10
SHJ Conference '03: Transforming Judaism for Our Times $10
SHJ Conference '01: Humanistic Judaism in the 21st Century $10

SHJ Conference '90: Humanistic Judaism Makes a Difference (workshops on philosophy) $5
SHJ Conference '87: Humanistic Judaism in the Next Generation $4
1992 International Conference Highlights $5
Internat'l Federation '89: Who Is a Jew? $4
Internat'l Federation '87 Conference Highlights $5
The Future of the Jewish People/IFSHJ Conference Highlights $5

Jewish and ... $10 NEW
New Perspectives on Jewish Guilt $10
Living Our Values $10
Beyond God, Beyond No God $10
Family Values $6
Education $12
Immigration $10
Islam and the Modern World $10
Jewish Humor $10
Clebrating 350 Years of Jewish Life in North America $10
Ethics for Humanistic Jews $10
Is Humanistic Judaism a Religion? $10
The Rise of Anti-Semitism $10
Is Humanistic Judaism a Religion? $10
Paths to Humanistic Judaism $10
Building Bridges to the Jewish Community $10
The Jewish People at the Millennium $10
Judaism Beyond Ethnicity $10
What Does It Mean to Be Jewish? $6
Evolution and Creation $10
Freedom, Discipline, and Authority $10
Challenge of the Fundamentalist Religious Right $6
Aid in Dying $10
Humanistic Jews and Other Jews $4
The Challenge of Jewish Renewal $10
The Rational Life $5
The Return to Tradition $5
Leadership, Ensuring the Future of Humanistic Judaism $5
Secular Humanistic Judaism The Challenge of Soviet Jewry $5
Remembering the Holocaust $5
Issues Facing the Movement $5
Paving the Way $4
Building a Strong Secular Humanistic Judaism $5
Humanistic Judaism and Tradition: How do They Mix? $4
Building Humanistic Jewish Community $4
Reason and Emotion $4
Jewish History $4

 Order Now!

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