Grow Your Community

Grow Your Community

 This section provides ideas, resources, and best-practices for leadership at local SHJ-affiliated congregations and communities.



 Tips to help SHJ Communities Develop and Grow




 Google Sponsored Ads (“Adwords”) is an excellent way to get your organization noticed in Google searches. In creating Google Ads, you pick a range of keywords related to who you are as a Secular Humanistic Jewish community (Jewish, Judaism, Humanistic, secular, “humanistic Jews,” “Jewish humanists,” “cultural Judaism,” etc.) that a searcher who is looking for groups such as yours might use in a Google search. Then you create and post an ad describing your group or one of your programs or services.  Searches using your keywords will then result in your ad appearing on the search engine results page (“SERP”). Typically, there is a link in the ad that will direct those clicking on the ad to a customized “landing page” on your website.


Adwords is usually a paid service, but did you know that Google provides free ad grants to nonprofits? Sign up for Google for Nonprofits here and then follow their requirements once approved. Once you are approved as a legitimate not-for-profit, you will have to enroll in the Google Ad Grants program. This is a two-step process and a little tricky. If you already have an Adwords account that you have used for paid ads, you cannot use the same account for the Ad Grants program. SHJ just completed the process so email Rabbi Jerris if you need help or you can contact Adwords Technical Support.


You can use Adwords to promote your page in general, though communities have found most success when they focus the ads on more targeted things like High Holidays, Sunday schools and specific events. If you’re looking for some more details about how the program works, check out this link. The ultimate results are a fantastic (and free!) way to increase your online presence.


SHJ’s Community Development and Enrichment Committee

January 2017