Organize a Community

Organize a Community


No community in your area? With a limited number of affiliates and the increased mobility of the Jewish people, often Humanistic Jews find themselves in communities where there are no affiliates of the Society for Humanistic Judaism. Members relocate to retirement communities or to be near their children. Children raised in Humanistic Judaism leave their childhood community for college or careers.




Being part of an SHJ community gives opportunity for a like-minded group of individuals to celebrate holidays, study together, educate children, and provide support in times of joy and sorrow.


The Society for Humanistic Judaism helps individual members to connect with other Humanistic Jews in their area. We assist you in developing strategies to reach out to like-minded secular and cultural Jews. The SHJ Rabbi and Executive Director provide support as the community grows.


Resources are available to support organizing efforts – Shabbat and holiday materials, advertising and marketing tools, adult and youth educational curricula, YouTube videos and DVDs describing the philosophy and practice of Humanistic Judaism. It may be possible to arrange a visit from the SHJ Rabbi.


There are three paths to connect to other Humanistic Jews:


  1. Organize an SHJ Community for communities that will ultimately consist of 25 or more household members.
  2. Organize an SHJ Havura for communities that will likely have less than 25 household members by choice or by limitations beyond the control of the organizers.
  3. Become involved in SHJ’s on-line Facebook page and discussion forum for individual members.


The requirements and benefits of these options vary. Please contact Rabbi Miriam Jerris for more information about organizing an SHJ affiliate in your area.


We are now working to organize Humanistic Jewish communities in: Indianapolis, IN; Orlando, FL; Atlanta, GA; Kansas City, MO; Southern New Jersey; Albany, NY;  Madison, WI; Houston, TX, and Rhode Island. For information about efforts in these locations or an area near you, please send your complete contact information, including snail mail address and phone number to Rabbi Miriam Jerris, and include the area in the subject of your e-mail.