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  Society for Humanistic Judaism Practices

What Do Humanistic Jews Do?

Humanistic Jewish communities are an expression of the need for cultural solidarity and mutual support. A Humanistic Jewish congregation provides group identity, adult education, youth education, a setting for public celebrations of holidays and life-cycle ceremonies, and a community voice for the Humanistic Jewish point of view.

Holidays and Ceremonies
The Jewish people is an extended family whose shared history, memories, and destiny are commemorated in beautiful holiday celebrations. Humanistic Jews find meaning in the celebration of life through the historic Hebrew calendar and seek to interpret this calendar in a naturalistic way.

The birth of a child, coming of age (Bar/Bat Mitsva and Confirmation), marriage and even death allow the family and community to reinforce their unity and to articulate the values that make life worthwhile.

Humanistic Jews want to understand the beliefs and behavior of their ancestors without feeling compelled to agree with the beliefs of the past. They want their children to develop their own convictions honestly - on the basis of knowledge, not indoctrination. They seek to explore the entire range of Jewish experience, past and present and to choose what is reasonable and useful.

Ethical Training
Skills for survival and happiness are not instinctive. They are acquired. Self-reliance, cooperation, generosity and rationality are daily exercises. They are just as important as academic skills.

What is the Society of Humanistic Judaism?
What are the principles of the Society for Humanistic Judaism?
What Do Humanistic Jews Believe? 
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