About the Holidays

About the Holidays

Passover-seder-plateJewish holidays are celebrations and expressions of Jewish identity. They provide a link with Jewish history and bind the Jewish people to each other. Holidays were created by human beings to acknowledge and understand natural events and occurrences, human desires, and human achievements. Holidays consist of layers of development. At first, holidays begin as a response to nature and the environment. Religious figures added a divine layer as a way to elevate it to the realm of the supernatural. Yet, the human themes were not obliterated. Today, it is often those themes to which Humanistic Jews return to observe the holiday.

Upcoming Jewish Holidays

5777-5778 (begin at sundown)

Rosh Hashana September 20, 2017
Yom Kippur

September 29, 2017


October 4, 2017

Simhat Torah October 12, 2017
Hanukka December 12, 2017
Tu Bi’Shevat January 30, 2018
Purim March 30, 2018
Passover April 10, 2017
Yom HaShoa April 23, 2017
Yom HaZikaron April 30, 2017
Yom HaAtzma’ut May 1, 2017
Lag B’Omer May 13, 2017
Shavuot May 30, 2017
Tisha B’Av August 31, 2017