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If you believe that cultural Judaism is important to the survival of the Jewish people, and that secular and Humanistic Jews need an organized voice, then you should support our efforts.

For more information on the SHJ philosophy visit the links below or fill out the form below:

What is the Society for Humanistic Judaism?
What are the principles of the Society for Humanistic Judaism?
What Do Humanistic Jews Do?
What Do Humanistic Jews Believe?

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Membership: $95 National Dues
$25 Young Adult Student Membership (full-time students through age 25)
$1800 Lifetime Membership
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You may be able to join an affiliated community of the Society for Humanistic Judaism in your area.

Support the Society for Humanistic Judaism.

Make a gift to support the Society for Humanistic Judaism today. Your donation helps to strengthen Humanistic Judaism.

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Society of Humanistic Judaism
28611 W. Twelve Mile Road
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(248) 478-7610

Please make checks (U.S. Funds only) payable to the Society For Humanistic Judaism.

International money orders REQUIRED on all overseas memberships.

Your membership includes a subscription to the journal Humanistic Judaism.

Contributions are tax deductible as provided by law.

Please send me more information!

I am Active Duty, Reserve, or Retired Military and would like to receive information about the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF). Please share my contact information with MAAF.

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