Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine

Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine


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Celebration: A Ceremonial and Philosophic Guide For Humanists and Humanistic Jews

(soft cover)

by Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine


Though this book will appeal to all humanists, it will have special meaning for those Jews who value their Jewish identity but no longer feel a significant connection to conventional religion – those whose experience of Judaism is ethnic but also secular. This book seeks to dramatize, in prose, poetry, and song, what secular and humanistic Jews feel about their heritage.


A Life of Courage: Sherwin Wine & Humanistic Judaism 

compiled by Dan Cohn-Sherbok, Harry Cook & Marilyn Rowens


Read the story of Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine and his vision for a new movement in Jewish life. Enjoy Rabbi Wine’s reflections on the movement he founded 50 years ago. Discover how this movement spread around the world. Featuring an introduction by Rabbi Dan Cohn-Sherbok, biographical sketches of Rabbi Wine by Marilyn Rowens and Harry Cook, and tributes by Shulamit Aloni, Yehuda Bauer, Rabbi Adam Chalom, Rabbi Daniel Friedman, Rabbi Miriam Jerris, Yaakov Malkin, Felix Posen, and many others.



A Provocative People: A Secular History of the Jews

by Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine, edited by Rabbi Adam Chalom


A Provocative People, Rabbi Wine’s final work, presents a history of the Jewish people, from their origins in the ancient Middle East to their existence as a global people in the modern world, from their beginnings as a religious people through their transition to a largely secularized people. Displaying his sense of humor, Wine once again distills complex ideas and developments into easily understood concepts, offering his readers a compelling and very readable humanistic history of the Jewish people.



Staying Sane in a Crazy World

(soft cover)

by Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine


Life is unfair. It often does not give us what we want or even what we deserve. Rabbi Sherwin Wine explores what it means to cope successfully with an unfair world. Staying Sane in a Crazy World offers a fresh and somewhat outrageous new approach to the search for meaning in life.


Staying Sane in a Crazy World: Spanish edition

(hard cover)

by Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine