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The magazine, Humanistic Judaism, is a voice for Jews who value their Jewish identity and seek an alternative to conventional Judaism. Humanistic Judaism affirms the right of individuals to shape their own lives independent of supernatural authority. Each issue of the magazine features an in-depth examination of a topic of concern to Secular Humanistic Jews. Also found in each issue are a variety of topical articles as well as regular departments including book reviews, news of the Humanistic Jewish movement, and featured events.



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Back Issues

Individual back issues of the journal Humanistic Judaism may be ordered at their cover price. Available back issues include:


Humanistic and Jewish: Why Both?

Celebrating Humanistic Judaism’s First 50 Years

Jewish Food and Jewish Culture

A Parenting Primer for Humanistic Jews

Humanistic Judaism in a Political World

What Does It Mean to Be Jewish Without Belief in God?

Creation: A Humanistic Exploration

Jewish and …

New Perspectives on Jewish Guilt

Living Our Values

Ethics for Humanistic Jews

Jewish Humor

Humanistic Judaism: Beyond God, Beyond No God.

Aid in Dying

Education for Humanistic Jews

In Memoriam: Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine


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