hu-jews-logo4The Society for Humanistic Judaism’s youth program, HuJews, is dedicated to supporting teens and young adults and connecting them to Humanistic Judaism. The HuJews Youth Program provides resources for Humanistic Jewish youth groups, college students, and campus havurot. The HuJews Conclave, SHJ’s annual teen and college conference welcomes youth from all over North America.


hujews1Individuals and corporate sponsors can support the expansion of the HuJews Youth Program, scholarships for the HuJews Conclave, and the creation of Humanistic Jewish campus communities, thus enabling teens and college students to more strongly connect to Humanistic Judaism. Please contact SHJ if you are interested in supporting the SHJ youth programs.


To participate in a HuJews event, become involved with other Humanistic Jewish youth, or help support the HuJews Youth Movement, contact the SHJ Youth Program Associate or the SHJ.




Comments from Past HuJews Conclave Participants

“I was a little nervous for my first conclave because I didn’t know how many of my friends would come or what exactly to expect. But I went, and I had a RIDICULOUS amount of fun. My friends were there, plus I made a bunch of new ones. I can’t wait until the next one!”



“I met new people and got closer to the friends I came with. This year will be my fifth conclave. I wouldn’t stop going if you paid me.”

- Zakyouth-conference2


“I was sort of pushed into my first conclave by a multitude of different sources – my parents, teachers, friends and was tentative about going my first time. But I had an AMAZING time. For the first time, I was able to meet other Humanistic Jews my own age and we had a great experience. It is because of conclave that we were able to start a youth group at my temple and keep that momentum going.”




“Of course traveling around the U.S. and Canada is fun and getting to see new places is always a perk, but the real reason I come back every year is for the relationships that are made. To be with other HUJEWS when it felt like you were the only one out there is a huge deal, and I love it time and time again.”



“I really liked getting to know everyone and having deep conversations late into the night. Connecting with people you’ve just met was really cool, and the outdoor team building activities were fun, too.”



“The best part of the conclave for me was seeing Aley enjoy it so much. Aley is new to the movement, and this was her first conclave so she didn’t know very many of the kids there. She’s really outgoing, though, so she met people quickly. She must have liked it a lot because when I came home, Aley was the first person to email me. All she could talk about was how much she enjoyed the weekend, and how sad she was that it ended. Conclave does that to people. It makes them crazy about being part of Humanistic Judaism.”



youth-conference1“I loved conclave and met so many friends that I will keep forever. The talent show, although lame at some points, was such a good experience that used the whole group and made us all that much closer. The fact that I’m on the board is nice to know; it means the kids are not discriminatory towards new kids. I made the board because I was voted onto it, not because the conclave advisor chose me. This summer we’re all going to meet in Michigan again because it’s too hard to stay apart for a full year.”